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Marketing Automation Built for Higher Education

Tailor student experiences by delivering automated, timely and personalized messages — without any additional resources from your team.

ENGAGE = Game ChangeR

Marketing Automation,

a Proven Necessity

Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform’s ENGAGE is the ONLY marketing automation technology built from the ground up specifically for higher ed recruitment.

Identity prospects

Identify stealth prospects on your digital assets.

Connect with Relevance

Deliver personalized and timely experiences to prospects.

Save Resources

Reduce time and cost of building relationships.

Generate Inquiries

Convert anonymous suspects to genuine prospects.

ENGAGE Marketing Automation

Behavioral Data

Capture’s Engagement Score (CES), Capture’s Affinity Index (CAI), Daily Visitor Report, and Counselor Alerts impact success at every stage of the enrollment lifecycle.
ENGAGE Marketing Automation

Dynamic Content

Progressive Identification Forms (PIDs), Toasters, and Popovers target unidentified prospective students to collect information and enlist timely actions.
ENGAGE Marketing Automation

Engage Events

Online events, live chats, and on-demand video content with ENGAGE’s behavioral intelligence and machine learning through Conduit by PlatformQ Education.

ENGAGE Outcomes

14 Times the Rate of Deposits

For the average Capture client, students who entered the application pool through a Progressive Identification Form deposited at 14 times the rate of the general application pool.

An Extension of your Office

Meet Your New Teammates

ENGAGE is a managed service, so our professionals will augment your team in order to help you get the absolute most out of the platform.

Dedicated resources to set you up on the platform and help you get the most from it.

With direct experience in enrollment management, Capture’s Account Executives build a plan to achieve your enrollment goals, and Project Managers work directly with them to execute.

Dedicated resources with expertise in digital advertising platforms.

Capture’s Digital Ad Specialists are not only experts on various digital ad platforms, but more importantly are BIP ENGAGE gurus, making your ads significantly more effective.

Dedicated communications specialists and graphic designers.

Capture’s creative team members are masters of written words and design trends in higher ed. They’ve worked with dozens of institutions and know what resonates the most with students.

Dedicated experts in predictive modeling, systems integrations, and data integrity.

Capture’s data scientists ensure that your systems are seamlessly connected, and your predictive models are uniquely designed around your historic data and future objectives.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

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Students identified on your website are 24 times more likely to apply than the rest of the prospect pool – ENGAGE is built to help identify these students.

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