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We are always looking for great individuals to join the team at Capture! Even if we’re not hiring at the moment, we’re always looking to connect with you. Please send a note and your resume to hr@capturehighered.com and we will reach out if something opens up for which you are a fit.

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Capture’s Core Values


Give feedback. Learn from failure. Try new things.


Help others. Give thanks. Drive for results.


Accept feedback. Keep learning. Improve yourself.


Listen and repeat to understand. Communicate.


Continue to improve. Educate yourself. Learn from mistakes.

Culture of Inclusivity & equality

At Capture, we believe in inclusivity and equality — and we strive to create a culture where these core values combine with personal action to ensure everyone in our community has equal access to opportunity. We devote our time and resources to this strongly held belief, including personal time off for each employee of the Capture family to devote to the social cause of their choice. We are also proud supporters of the Louisville Urban League and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. To create an environment of inclusivity we must live it.

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