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Enroll More Best-Fit Students

Identify prospective students, generate inquiries and applications, manage yield, and meet your enrollment goals year after year. Most of your potential students are going directly online … where, if identified, they are 24 times more likely to apply. Capture helps you identify prospects who engage with your digital assets and convert them to applicants and enrolled students through best-in-class marketing recruitment solutions.

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How We Do It

By Helping You:

Identify Prospective Students

Identify your stealth web traffic and measure their engagement.

Connect With Relevance

Deliver personalized experiences throughout the recruitment cycle.

Reduce Marketing Spend

Eliminate dependency on widely targeted mass marketing.

Focus your Efforts

Prioritize time and energy on prospective students who are most engaged.


Optimizing Search, Building Awareness, Capturing Interest

Capture’s unique Inquiry Generation strategies utilize student search optimization, dynamic content, behavioral data, predictive models, and a variety of marketing solutions to garner application-ready and high-converting inquiries. Data-informed outreach strategies allow your team to build meaningful relationships with prospective students (and their parents) and influence them along the decision journey. Personalized, yet automated, messaging with visually engaging creative deliver the key value propositions of your unique programs in ways that keep your institution top-of-mind.

Undergrad Inquiry Generation
Success Story

Solidifying Interest, Converting Inquiries, Increasing Applications

Capture’s unique Application Generation strategies utilize predictive modeling, dynamic content, behavioral data, and a variety of marketing solutions to convert prospects’ interest to high-intent applications. Data-informed outreach strategies allow your team to build meaningful relationships with prospective students and influence them toward an application. Personalized, yet automated, messaging with visually engaging creatives deliver the key value propositions of your unique programs in ways that encourage and trigger application completion.


Managing Yield, Controlling Melt, Hitting Enrollment Goals

Capture utilizes predictive analytics, behavioral data, and dynamic content to reveal the status of your class with plenty of time and insight to manage yield and avoid melt. Our next-generation enrollment modeling allows you to confidently focus your efforts toward admitted students who have a high-predicted probability of depositing. With an early warning from Capture’s analytics — coupled with a solid yield strategy powered by marketing automation — you will increase yield, decrease melt, and hit your enrollment.

Undergrad Yield Management
Undergrad Transfer Recruitment

Focusing Your Transfer Strategy

Uncover transfer prospects who are already spending time on your website. Attract more prospective students who fit the profile of your previous transfers. Send automated, timely, and personalized communications to interested prospective transfer students. Retarget potential transfers who have already shown interest. These are just some of the ways Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform and marketing solutions kick your transfer enrollment efforts into high gear!

Technology, Solutions, and Services

For Enrollment Management Success

Combining marketing automation, predictive modeling, and a managed service approach, the industry’s only Behavioral Intelligence Platform helps you identify, convert, and enroll the right students for your school.

Built for Student Recruitment

ENGAGE is the only marketing automation platform built for student recruitment — enabling you to make personalized and timely connections. Identify your prospective students, connect with them relevantly and convert them into applicants.


Enabled by machine learning, Capture’s predictive models — APPLY and ENROLL — inform important decision making and allow you to optimize your resources throughout the recruitment cycle.

Recruitment and Marketing Solutions

Digital advertising, email & SMS marketing, Search consulting, and print & direct mail solutions to help you reach any students anywhere. The only marketing and recruitment solutions powered by the Behavioral Intelligence Platform – from targeting and retargeting prospective students through email addresses, geo-IP, website visits, and on social media to behavioral email series that deliver industry-leading results.

An Extension of Your Team

Collaborators, coordinators, communicators and creatives. All working for you. Capture’s platform and solutions are part of a managed service, so our project managers, account executive, digital marketing specialists, content creators, creative designers, data scientists and other industry experts will augment your team.

Case Study

Increasing Application by 185%

Florida Poly partnered with Capture Higher Ed in 2019 and uses ENGAGE, Capture’s marketing automation software built from the ground up for higher ed recruitment. The school utilizes behavioral data, dynamic content, email capabilities, and other marketing solutions to identify, convert and enroll more of the right students.

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