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Marketing Automation Built for Higher Ed

The Behavioral Intelligence Platform combines Marketing Automation and Predictive Modeling in a fully integrated, yet modular, environment to power and optimize your recruitment activities – allowing you to identify, convert, and enroll more of the right students for your institution.

ENGAGE Marketing Automation

Your team spends much of their time and energy on traditional recruitment activities while most of your prospective students go directly online… where, if identified, they are 24 times more likely to apply. With marketing automation built for higher ed recruitment, your enrollment team knows who your interested and engaged students are.  So you tailor student experiences by delivering automated, timely and personalized messages — without additional resources from your team.

Predictive Modeling

Imagine placing your counseling, aid and enrollment resources where it matters the most… Students in the top decile of Capture’s applicant predictions model applied at 13x the rate of lower-predicted students. Powered by machine learning, Capture’s industry-leading application (APPLY) and enrollment (ENROLL) models allow you to focus on the recruiting actions that deliver the highest impact.

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Chevy Freiburger, Dean of Enrollment Management
Central College

Chevy Freiburger sat down with Capture to talk about how the Behavioral Intelligence Platform helped them with 1:1 communication with prospective students.

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