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Smart Direct Mail Gets Opened 

Use marketing automation and predictive models to target top prospective students with personalized print pieces that enforce your institution’s brand, echo your message, and maximize engagement. When driven by data, 90% of Direct Mail is viewed or opened on the day it is received. 

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Generate Applications and Enrollments while Sending to a Smaller, More Engaged List.

Guided by industry-leading marketing automation as well as application and enrollment models, Capture’s Smart Direct Mail solution allows you to send beautifully designed and institutionally branded print pieces to Search lists and inquiries who are most likely to apply to your institution, and to applicants who are most likely to enroll. The tactic allows you to generate more apps and enrollments while reducing your direct mail spend… because you send to smaller lists of more engaged prospective students.

postcards and trifolds

Get Your Top Prospects’ Attention with Designed and Branded Print Pieces in their Mailbox.

Capture’s Direct Mail solution includes strategy and audience selection, project management, content creation, design, and campaign monitoring and reporting. Crafted specifically for your institution, Direct Mail pieces include 11 x 6 postcards and 21 x 5 (folded down to 7 x5) trifold mailers. 

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