New Widgets and Features!

You may have noticed a few new items on your Capture Dashboard. We’ve added a “REVIEWS” widget for quick access to content. Additionally, on the bottom-right of the dashboard, a handy “HELP” feature has been added. Let’s take a closer look at these new widgets.



Located below the “ACTIVE CAMPAIGNS” widget on the main dashboard, we are pleased to introduce our new addition, “REVIEWS. It is essential to remember that Capture will not deploy any content on your website without your approval. When content is ready for review, both reviewers and approvers will promptly receive a notification via email. Furthermore, as a supplementary reminder, the “REVIEWS” widget will also provide a comprehensive list of any content pending approval. 

Within this widget, you will find the list of content awaiting review. By simply clicking on a specific content item, you will be swiftly directed to that piece, facilitating a seamless continuation of the review and approval process. Our primary objective with this enhancement is to increase accessibility and notification of content in a timely manner, ultimately expediting the identification process. 

We trust that this new feature will prove invaluable in streamlining your workflow and ensuring that all content meets your exacting standards before deployment. If you have any questions or require further assistance with the “REVIEWS” feature or any other aspect of our platform, please do not hesitate to reach out!




We are excited to introduce another feature, the “Help” button, strategically positioned in the bottom-right corner of both our Classic view and the Counselor Interface. This valuable tool has been designed to enhance your user experience by providing swift access to essential documentation as you navigate our platform. 

Using the “Help” button is straightforward. Just input a word or phrase related to your query, and our system will promptly retrieve the most relevant documentation to address your needs. To further facilitate your understanding, we’ve curated a comprehensive Capture Dictionary within these documents. This dictionary serves as a handy resource to decode any specialized terminology you may encounter while familiarizing yourself with our content and data.

We’ve also gone a step further by incorporating quick access to our technical support team through the “Help” button. Should you encounter any technical challenges, or have specific inquiries that the documentation doesn’t address, our dedicated support professionals are just a click away to assist you promptly and effectively. 

We believe that the addition of the “Help” button will significantly enhance your experience with Capture, ensuring that you have the resources and support you need at your fingertips. If there’s any documentation that could be created, email or submit your suggestions in the tech support feature as well. Thank you for choosing Capture, and we look forward to continually improving your experience with our platform!

By Cat Hollands, Capture Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed