Digital Marketing

Behavioral Email Series

The Behavioral Email Series is the only email service created for higher education marketing, delivering the right message at the right time. Data gathered proves that 90% of all interactions with email happen within the first 12 emails sent, BOT’s degrade the accuracy of performance metrics, and design layout impacts spam traps created by the internet service providers (ISPs).

Benefits of the Behavioral Emails Series:

  • Tailored interest-based content to those who are interested, and when they are interested
  • Daily dashboard analytics based on real people, and real actions
  • Improves email efficacy with ongoing list hygiene and efficient opt-out process
  • Increased reputation among ISP’s

Prospective students and their families receive emails designed to guide them through their decision journey. Institutional value positioning, program announcements and steps toward application submission are all relayed in a series of timely and targeted email communications. Therefore, we are able to generate some of the industry’s best results.

Landing Pages

Designed for you by our team of experts, Landing Pages provide prospects with relevant information and typically include a specific call to action, such as a short web form or scholarship calculator. These pages track visits from advertising and marketing within ENGAGE to identify visitors that complete and submit the form.