Counselor Success in 2024: Essential Practices for Admission Professionals

In this ever-changing college enrollment landscape, empowering admissions counselors with the best tools and practices is crucial for success in the 2024 recruitment cycle. This webinar provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to help counselors excel in their roles.

How do they build stronger relationships with prospective students? How do they use data to inform decisions? How do they adapt to changing student preferences? How do they foster more collaboration and partnerships? And how do they prioritize self-care and professional development?

This Capture Cast webinar includes information on:

Effective communication techniques to build strong relationships with prospective students.

The role of data and analytics in driving informed decision-making for recruitment strategies.

Adapting recruitment approaches to align with changing student preferences and communication channels.

Strategies for collaboration and partnerships to enhance recruitment efforts.

Prioritizing self-care and professional development to thrive in the demanding admissions environment.

For the presentation, Capture Senior Enrollment Strategist Christopher Harris, Ed.D., is joined by special guest Jeremy Tiers, Senior Director for Tudor Collegiate Strategies and host of the “Mission Admissions” podcast. During their conversation, the long-time admissions professionals offer practical and valuable insights into engaging your prospective students, enhancing your recruitment efforts, and navigating the quickly evolving recruitment landscape with confidence.