Relationships Matter: Using Data to Increase Graduate Enrollment

Here is what we know with certainty: The more a prospective graduate student feels a personal connection to an institution or academic program, the more likely that student is to enroll and retain.

The problem? Our graduate enrollment teams are often flooded with names: lists of standardized test takers, professional organizations, vendor supplied inquiries and the organic names flowing in from email, web forms, even the phone. Additionally, there are the lists of our incomplete applicants, complete applicants, admitted students, deposited students, even registered students.

The point? There are so many people to connect with and so few people to make the connection.

Join us for our free webinar presented by Capture Higher Ed’s Director of Graduate and Online Initiatives, Jack Klett, and learn from how to focus on using data to know which students to connect with, how to connect with them, when to do so, and with what messages to better establish a meaningful relationship between the institution and the prospective student. With this information, you will finally end the dreaded cold-contacting to make the most out of your day and that of your recruitment team.