‘Cleared to Enroll’ – Shaping Your Class with Innovative Yield Tactics

No discussion around enrollment yield this season can happen without saying the “F-word” — FAFSA. With all of the timing challenges created by the new FAFSA release, financial aid offices nationwide are stressed like never before. That’s why Capture invited financial aid guru Ed Recker, director of relationship management at Sallie Mae, to drop by this webinar on innovative yield strategies. Ed offers a snapshot of the situation around federal financial aid during this hectic enrollment cycle.

This webinar is also packed with powerful, data-driven insights to help you increase yield rates, boost enrollment rates and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly unfolding recruitment cycle. Gain actionable strategies to uncover hidden gems, engage accepted students like never before and get them “cleared to enroll.”

During this Capture Cast Webinar, you get:

  • Insights about the new FAFSA challenges.
  • The latest trends in yield management.
  • Practical techniques to personalize your outreach and maximize engagement.
  • Data-driven insights to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts.

Join Capture Senior Enrollment Strategist Chris Harris and Recker for this presentation on data-driven yield management. From timely connections with prospective students and families to mastering the “cleared to enroll” phase, this webinar will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to achieve enrollment success. VIEW WEBINAR NOW