Unlocking Smarter Search: Diversifying Strategies in a Data-Driven Environment

Capture Cast Webinar
Thursday, Oct. 19, at 2 p.m. ET

In our ever-evolving enrollment landscape, recruitment marketing leaders face the pivotal task of identifying, converting, and enrolling the students who will flourish and grow at their institutions. In our upcoming webinar, we will explore how leveraging data (past, present, and future predictions) can inform your institution’s approach to purchasing the right student names for your university.

Join us as we delve into diversifying sources and timing to build a robust pool of inquiries, which ultimately leads to increased enrollments!

Search Webinar

During this Capture Cast Webinar, we will:

Explain data-driven decision-making when acquiring student names.

Discuss the strategic use of diverse sources and timeframes for name purchasing.

Outline techniques to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on your search budget.

Explore innovative ways to diversify your student name sources.

Join Capture Higher Ed’s Chris Harris and Rejeev Arora as they unpack the role of data in the modern search process and discuss ways you can strategize name purchasing by leveraging diverse channels. REGISTER TODAY