Nine Ways to Harness the Power of Data and Analytics in Your Student Recruitment

Data and analytics make up the fuel that drives modern recruitment marketing and enrollment management, offering valuable insights and informed decision-making. They feed the predictive models that guide your recruiting efforts; they tell you whom to reach out to, when to do it, and what to say.  

Here are nine ways you can harness the power of data in your recruitment efforts seven days a week. Data and analytics allow you to:

  1. Understand and analyze all your prospective students browsing history, and engagement with your digital assets, at every stage of the enrollment process to personalize your outreach based on their behavior and interests.
  2. See the attribution of your digital spending down to the student record level.
  3. Communicate when the web visitor is most engaged with your website and other digital assets by calculating one’s level of interest over a specified time.
  4. Provide real-time scores based on a prospect’s cumulative engagement level with your website and other digital assets since the moment of identification.
  5. Provide a comprehensive summary of all your website activity, and the students who are most active.
  6. Provide instant notification to your team when identified visitors are on your website to assist students in the next steps of the recruitment process.
  7. Focus your search name purchases, digital ads, direct mail campaigns, and counselor travel and outreach on the prospective students you are most likely to influence toward application. 
  8.  Reveal the status of your class with plenty of time and insight to manage yield and avoid melt by confidently focusing efforts on admitted students who have a high-predicted probability of depositing and enrolling.
  9. Access student inquiries, affinity scores, and behavioral information in your CRM. 

What you get: By analyzing demographic data, academic performance, social media engagement, and other relevant metrics, you can develop comprehensive profiles of ideal candidates and tailor your recruitment strategies accordingly. These insights enable personalized communication, targeted marketing campaigns, and the identification of key recruitment channels, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.  

Data and analytics empower you to track and evaluate the success of your recruitment initiatives, identify trends, and make data-backed adjustments to maximize your recruitment efforts. They provide a competitive edge in student recruitment, allowing you to attract and enroll the most suitable candidates while fostering long-term success.

By Emma Brown, Senior Marketing Manager, Capture Higher Ed