Resourcing for Success: Aligning Your Marketing and Recruitment Teams

Generational demographic changes, a decrease in demand for a college education, and a slew of other massive shifts in the higher ed recruitment landscape have made declining enrollment and fierce competition for students the market norm.

According to the Higher Education Demand Index, demand for a college education is expected to drop 9% as the population of prospective students simultaneously declines.

In this highly charged, competitive atmosphere, you must align marketing and recruitment teams to attract and enroll the students who will help your institution continue to be vibrant and viable. Strong collaboration between these two essential functions — enrollment management and communications/marketing — allows you to optimize your resourcing efforts, enhance your recruitment strategies, and ultimately achieve your enrollment goals.

Let’s look at how.

Efficient Resource Allocation

When marketing and recruitment teams work together, they share valuable insights and data on target audiences, market trends, and recruitment channels. This collaborative approach lets you allocate budget, time, and manpower efficiently, ensuring your efforts are focused on the most effective strategies and tactics.

By avoiding duplication of efforts and making informed decisions, you maximize your return on investment and achieve better enrollment outcomes.

Consistent Branding

When your marketing and recruitment are in tandem, you ensure consistent branding throughout the student recruitment journey. This means aligning messaging, visual identity, and communication strategies to present a unified brand image that resonates with prospective students.

Consistency builds trust and credibility … and conveys a sense of professionalism, coherence, and authenticity. A strong and consistent brand presence also sets the stage for a positive student experience.

Streamlined Applicant Experience

Aligning marketing and recruitment also leads to a seamless applicant experience for your prospective students. From their initial engagement with your marketing materials to the final stages of the enrollment process, a cohesive and integrated approach ensures that applicants receive consistent information and support. This alignment minimizes confusion, enhances efficiency, and reduces barriers that could discourage potential applicants.

A streamlined applicant experience contributes to higher conversion rates and reflects positively on your university’s reputation.

Data-Driven Decision Making

You leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions when you closely align your marketing and recruitment operations. The collaboration between these teams facilitates the sharing of insights, such as conversion rates, lead generation data, and applicant profiles.

By analyzing this data together, you identify trends, refine your strategies, and make data-driven decisions that lead to more successful recruitment outcomes. This alignment also lets you adapt quickly to changes in the market or student preferences, ensuring a competitive edge in the recruitment process.

The competition is fierce out there! Universities need to break down the silos on their campuses and present and unified and collaborative front on all levels. When it comes to student recruitment, this means admissions and communications/marketing need to be in lockstep.

This alignment not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment efforts but also strengthens your institution’s overall reputation and ability to attract your best-fit students.

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Manager, Capture Higher Ed