Enabling Enrollment Success as an Extension of Your Admissions Team 

While burnout and turnover on the admissions team certainly isn’t new, everything was heightened and exacerbated in the wake of the pandemic. Staff shortages and supply chain issues hindered campuses greatly as they struggled for a return to normalcy. To this day, job websites continue to show large numbers of entry level, middle and executive management positions currently posted for the enrollment management field.  

During a time when enrollment is crucial to the success of most colleges and universities, unfilled positions in Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar and Student Accounts undermine new student enrollment and hinder successful retention efforts. 

The use of CRMs and the expansion of digital assets have become priorities for delivering the right messages to prospective students at the right time. But how do you do that amid constant staff upheaval? 

Extension of Your Admissions Team 

While several marketing recruitment vendors promise the tech and tools, very few compliment it with the kind of expertise that enables your counselors and staff members to be truly successful. At Capture, our approach is to become an extension of your enrollment and marketing teams. Our platform and solutions are part of a managed service for our partners, who each get: 

  • An account executive who is a formally seated enrollment management leader and understands your stressors.
  • A project manager, communication specialists, digital asset experts, graphic designers, and writers to create and execute campaigns.
  • A client trainer who works with your counseling staff to make sure the team gets the most out of the technology without being overwhelmed.
  • Data scientists help analyze and guide your efforts every day.  

We all know that enrolling students who will thrive on your campus is the major goal for any admissions team. However, some of the complexities associated with real strategic enrollment thought and implementation are beyond what your campus can deliver daily. It is important to recognize where your strengths are and what you will need help in implementing.

By Christopher Harris, Ed.D., Senior Enrollment Strategist, Capture Higher Ed