Outcomes-Based Pricing: Balance Risk, Reward Performance

As universities search for balance in the wake of a worldwide pandemic, they face difficult demographic shifts and declining demand for higher education. The question for many: How do we stay true to our mission and attract the students who will excel at our institution while remaining economically viable? This is the higher education landscape institutions of all types and sizes are facing. It’s also why Capture Higher Ed introduced the industry’s first and only outcomes-based pricing model to support the recruitment and enrollment management needs of colleges and universities. The pricing agreement allows institutions to pay Capture based on the enrollment results the company helps deliver, says Capture CEO Leonard Napolitano.

“The institutions we work with are more than our clients — they are our partners — and we are on this journey with them,” Napolitano says. “The challenges caused by the pandemic will impact the industry far beyond 2021, but Capture is here to help institutions dealing with the difficult combination of growing expectations and shrinking budgets. Universities that use Capture’s outcomes-based pricing model for higher education can expect an enrollment strategy that is confidently executed with measured, actionable success metrics.” Through the pricing model, fees to Capture will be driven by transparent and mutually agreed  upon results. Universities will be able to:

  • Identify students who do not engage in traditional channels.
  • Engage prospects virtually and relevantly.
  • Amplify current staff capacity with Capture’s team of experts.
  • Use predictive models to ensure engagement with the right students.
  • And much more.

The Capture products and solutions included in the outcomes-based pricing model are: Search Consulting: Search Predictive Model uses historical applicant features to pinpoint the most successful markets and the right fit prospects. Behavioral Email Series: Dynamic, behavioral-based email strategy that delivers the right message at the right time. Digital Advertising: From email targeting to leveraging social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. ENGAGE: Automated, personalized and timely engagement with prospect identification. APPLY: Application predictions that integrate machine learning and marketing  automation. “Creating new, better ways to engage with prospective students using our Behavioral Intelligence Platform is what we do every day at Capture, but this moment in higher education requires innovation on every front,” Napolitano says. “We must apply that same lens to the relationship between the institution and our company so we can effectively navigate these challenges together. 

Download this PDF to find out more about Capture’s new outcomes-based pricing model!

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Manager, Capture Higher Ed