Solving Graduate Recruitment Challenges with Behavioral Intelligence

Did you know 75% of potential graduate students bypass traditional marketing attempts and go directly online? This creates challenges for both identifying and engaging with prospects who have already experienced the enrollment process as an undergrad. With under-performing search strategies and underfunded efforts, graduate recruitment teams require more time and resources than are typically available to successfully bring in their graduate prospects.

The good news is most colleges and universities have enough prospective graduate students visiting their websites to meet their enrollment goals. And these prospects are engaging actively with these institutions right now!

That’s why it is crucial for graduate enrollment offices to create personalized and relevant content through a variety of channels that target these potential students based on their interactions and engagement.

The Capture Difference

Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform for graduate programs identifies prospective students, automates personalized dynamic content and provides real-time analytics with funnel attribution.

ENGAGE, the marketing automation software and service on the platform, is a managed service that acts as a team of virtual counselors. Using data and engagement metrics from each prospective graduate student’s interactions, ENGAGE provides personalized student profiles to counselors showing the student’s progression throughout the entire graduate enrollment decision process. This gives colleges and universities the power and control needed to deliver highly targeted, personalized and timely outreach to their graduate prospects.

Distinct Strategies and Powerful Results

As anyone who has worked for any appreciable time in graduate enrollment knows, no two graduate programs are the same. A tailored approach is required to ensure messaging is relevant and engagement with prospective students is maximized.

Capture’s team of experts — made up of enrollment veterans, communication specialists and data scientists — works closely with client graduate enrollment offices to define the proper mix of solutions, services and success metrics that will execute the most effective graduate recruitment and enrollment strategies.

Partnering with Capture provides solutions to the greatest graduate recruitment and enrollment challenges — whether it’s inquiry, application or enrollment generation. Contact us today to learn more!

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